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GB2.0 User Manual

GB2.0 User ManualThe GB2.0 User Manual provides a detailed explanation of the GoldenBraid cloning system. It was written with the intention of giving the new user sufficient information to understand how GB works and get started using it. For a more visual description of the GB system you may also have a look at the GB1.0 ppt presentation. And of course you can read our publication.


GBcloning Software Package

GBcloning Software An in-house database application programme created to assist you in the design and performance of your GoldenBraid cloning experiments.
The GBcloning software covers each step of GoldenBraid cloning, from the generation of primer sequences with the right overhangs for GBpart domestication, to multipartite and binary assemblies. An accompanying detailed lab protocol is also generated at each step to help you in the wet lab work. The GB database currently holds a collection of over 300 GB assemblies (GBparts, GBsuperparts, or GBunits) generated in our lab.
You can access the GBcloning software at



GBcloning SoftwareYou can visit this video to learn how to agroinfiltrate tomato fruits (Orzaez et al., 2006).


GBcloning SoftwareThis other video illustrates the superinfection exclusion phenomenom taking place when three viral clones encoding different fluorescent proteins are co-deliverd into the plant (Julve et al., 2013).


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Lab Social Life

Labuitje posterBesides working together, we also enjoy hanging out together every now and then. If you want to see the kind of things we like to do when we are having fun, have a look at our "labuitje" poster.


Rules of the House

House RulesWe are all very well-behaved but sometimes one needs a little reminder. These are The Rules of the House (click here for a Spanish or English version).